Vote NO on V

Two years ago, the school board voted to phase out JROTC because the military also discriminates against our community. Instructors who teach in the JROTC program cannot be out of the closet. LGBT students who go on beyond JROTC must keep quiet about who they are, or be ousted by the Pentagon’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy... There are alternatives to JROTC that can help students fulfill their potential without bowing to the pervasive discrimination found in the U.S. military. We can do better. Please vote no on V. ›› Read more

Bay Area Reporter
October 30, 2008

Army Prop. V Recruits Our Kids for War

Proposition V on the San Francisco ballot supports the Army JROTC program, whose most fundamental propose is to recruit our children into the military. With wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, military recruitment is the central issue of this campaign... We Asian activists and community leaders urge all Asians to vote NO on V. ›› Read more

JROTC does not serve youth of color

Some have argued that JROTC is a program that serves youth of color, and that trying to get the Pentagon’s favorite recruiting tool out of our schools is a “middle class white people” thing. That argument turns reality upside down. Of course the Pentagon targets young people of color, especially low-income youth – because that’s who they target for recruitment. Tracking us into the military so we can fight rich white men’s wars is not the kind of “leg up” we need. We deserve the same educational and career opportunities as everybody else, thank you. ›› Read more

San Francisco Bay Times
October 30, 2008

Measure V: Don’t bring back JROTC

JROTC is a military recruitment program that targets poor students and students of color, discriminates against openly gay or lesbian students, costs the school district millions, and fuels the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan... Proposition V is one of those rare opportunities where our vote can have a lasting impact to help end wars abroad and discrimination here in San Francisco. ›› Read more

Golden Gate [X]Press
at San Francisco State University
October 27, 2008

Phasing Out JROTC in San Francisco Public Schools

JROTC directives and policy statements urge instructors to “facilitate contact with recruiters,” to “sell the Army story,” and to contact students as early as possible. “Seventeen is too late,” states one such directive. ›› Read more

San Francisco Examiner
October 26, 2008

War Veterans Speak Out Against JROTC And Prop V

A group of seven U.S. military veterans stood before the War Memorial Veterans Building in San Francisco to voice opposition to Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps in local high schools. ›› Read and listen to more

KTVU Channel 2
October 22, 2008

School Board to Launch New Leadership Training Class

With all the controversy around JROTC, you wouldn’t know that the San Francisco School District has – for the past 23 years – run a program that teaches guidance and leadership training, without any sponsorship by the military. Called Peer Resources, the program trains over 1,000 students a year to act as peer counselors, tutors and conflict mediators. Now School Board members Jane Kim and Norman Yee want the District to launch a program to train students in emergency preparedness – called “Student Emergency Response Volunteers.” Modeled after the City’s NERT program available for adults, it would provide much of the same skills that students liked about JROTC – but geared towards careers in Police or Fire safety, rather than the U.S. military. ›› Read more

Beyond Chron
October 17, 2008

JROTC Ballot Battle in San Francisco

A Joint Statement from United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) and the ANSWER Coalition

“We’re watching the San Francisco situation very closely,” said Curtis Gilroy, an official in the Defense Department’s office for personnel and military readiness, according to a recent Associated Press report. The peace and justice movement in San Francisco is engaged in an historic struggle that demands the attention of antiwar activists everywhere. ›› Read more

October 16, 2008

Bukowski, Me and JROTC: A Proposition V Tale

One day the military recruiters came in. They talked about military service and how we could acquire money for college and marketable skills when we got into the “real” world. They showed us a film that seemed like a travelogue. We saw military men eating and laughing and having fun overseas. ›› Read more

Poor Magazine
October 16, 2008

Why San Francisco Opposes JROTC and Prop V

San Franciscans of all persuasions are saying NO to JROTC, NO to military recruitment in our schools, and NO to homophobia. ›› Read more

Beyond Chron
October 6, 2008

NO on Proposition V

Should public schools open their doors to military recruitment? That was the question San Francisco voters took up in 2005, when they overwhelmingly passed Proposition I, which urged the city’s schools to reject military recruitment in favor of college scholarship programs. ›› Read more

San Francisco Chronicle
October 3, 2008

Vote for Peace

San Franciscans have an opportunity to do something about ending this illegal and immoral war; by voting for peace on two initiatives on our ballot this November. ›› Read more

The Potrero View
October 2008

JROTC Ballot Proposition Misleads

Before phasing out JROTC, the School Board listened to students, parents and community members on both sides... Eight hundred students petitioned the School Board to end JROTC and to use the $1,000,000 saved to expand and add to existing programs. ›› Read more

Westside Observer
September 2008

JROTC is not a choice

It seems the military will do whatever it takes to get in front of our youngsters in our public schools

To hear proponents of the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) talk, it’s a matter of personal choice for 14- and 15-year-olds to sign up for the Pentagon’s military recruitment program, which is being phased out of San Francisco’s public schools June 2009. The San Francisco Board of Education also recently voted to remove physical education credit from the program this school year. It had to: the retired military officers who teach the course don’t meet the educational standards of state law, and the course doesn’t meet state physical education standards. ›› Read more

San Francisco Bay Guardian
Wednesday August 20, 2008

JROTC and Discrimination

There is also little doubt that JROTC graduates and instructors suffer discrimination. ›› Read more

Bay Area Reporter
Thursday August 21, 2008

U.S. Army Colonel (retired) Ann Wright on JROTC

I’m certainly not an anti-military person, but I don’t think it needs to start in high school... I think the whole point of what [the] San Francisco school system is doing is to put the military in its proper place. ›› Read and listen to more

Fox News
June 30, 2008

Save Our Kids From JROTC

Forty years ago, I graduated from Galileo High School as a 1st Lieutenant in Army JROTC. Of my five closest friends in JROTC – four of whom were Chinese and all of whom were either cadet officers or sergeants – four entered into the military after high school. Three went to Vietnam. ›› Read more

Asian Week Online
June 14, 2008

Should military-based programs remain on district campuses?

The program proclaims that they aim to “motivate young people to become better citizens.” But when I saw the number of Army stickers posted around the office in the JROTC room, I got worried. They portray the army as if it’s a summer abroad where you’re experiencing the world anew. “Money for college – AIRFORCE ROTC,” “show your true colors” and “an army of one:” all depict a sunnier, unreal side of the reality of war. ›› Read more

The Lowell
September, 2006

Veterans for Peace Opposes JROTC

Veterans for Peace will work to remove JROTC and military recruiters from our schools. ›› Read more

Resolution of the 2003 VFP Convention
San Francisco, CA

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